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“Smith!” I cried, “Smith! Help! help! for God’s

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from citizens along his line of march, it is safe to say that he had

“Smith!” I cried, “Smith! Help! help! for God’s

in the action not less than five-thousand men. Our casualties were

“Smith!” I cried, “Smith! Help! help! for God’s

not many--forty-one in all. His loss in killed and wounded was

“Smith!” I cried, “Smith! Help! help! for God’s

considerable, his most severely wounded--forty men--falling into our

hands, having been left at farm-houses in the vicinity of the

The victory in the face of such odds was most gratifying, and as it

justified my disinclination--in fact, refusal--to retire from

Booneville without fighting (for the purpose of saving my

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